Fallacy of "doing it alone"

So, apart from owning/running a cookie snack company, I started an educational app company, Wrdup, with one of my best friends (practically my brother). Working on developing this platform has emphasized certain key aspects in launching a successful project.

We are often mesmerized by the lone wolf savant who codes a whole platform by them self or the self-made millionaire who scraped their company together, again, by them self. But from my own personal experiences I've learned to move away from this mindset of "grinding alone". Not to say that you must rely on others to get stuff done for you, but more-so collaborating with other great minds to produce and incredible product. When you work alone, your results are biased and unscrutinized. No matter how intelligent you may be, it's important to adopt different points of view.

This article was sparked by the meeting I had today with my co-founder and our developer. The ideas that were bounced around were so refreshing because I constantly had "wow' moments. It was awesome to see what visions other people have, which leads me to my final point; don't be selfish.

I believe successful group projects require give and take. Therefore, it's important that you aren't selfish in the development process and believe that all your ideas should supersede your partner's. Without being obvious, this is a harmful mindset and could cause destruction to the entire project.

Follow our process via our instagram @wrdupapp and of course check out our snacks @mama_e_chinchin/ . Thanks for reading!

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