Bite-Sized Stories: Jo-Anne Reynolds, CEO of SexyAF Spirits.

Welcome to the first of many Bite-Sized stories we're bringing you from entrepreneurs, professionals, students, etc, who have inspiring and engaging stories to tell. I reached out to Jo-Anne via LinkedIn and she agreed to answer a few questions. Peel open a bag of our snacks and enjoy this quick Sunday read

1. Brief about yourself/what you do 

I am the CEO and Founder of Sexy AF Spirits. I come from a corporate and entrepreneurial background and have lived and worked in many countries.  I am originally from South Africa, have two daughters and happily married. 

2. What inspired you to take on your path?

I have always been entrepreneurial. Growing up I had many little side hustles and always loved doing something creative. What led me to create Sexy AF Spirits was the idea of creating a 100% alcohol-free spirits brand that you can create any type of cocktail and turn it into a mocktail without all the sugar, calories and bland looking drinks. People want choice, they want to feel socially included when not consuming alcohol and yet do not want to order tea, water or pop when going out with friends. There is a growing sober-curious movement happening which is very exciting to be a part of. 

3. Challenges and struggles on your path?

Covid-19 had us changed paths from delivering direct to bars and restaurants to turning our website into an e-commerce store and selling directly to consumers. This is slowly changing as more bars and restaurants begin to open up however it was a great opportunity to connect with consumers directly and now we have many repeat customers who love our products right from the get-go which is amazing!

4. What was your family's involvement/opinion of your decision to take on your path?

My husband is super supportive of my business and I feel so blessed to have his guidance and support in my life as each day is so different. Having a 15-year-old and 8-year-old daughter makes me want to work extra hard to show them that as women anything is possible with hard work, determination and a clear vision. I hope they look up to me and I am able to teach them valuable lessons along my entrepreneurial journey with Sexy AF along the way. Who knows maybe they will take over it one day! 

5. Sum up what family means to you.

Unconditional Love, support, happiness and creating memories that will stay with us as time goes on. My family is my world and I would not be where I am today without them in it. 

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